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We are taking yoga training under the supervision of Mr. Rakesh from past one year. Thanks to Urban pro for introducing us to such a wonderful personality. His experience in the field is commendable. He takes personal attention towards his trainees and also works towards their holistic wellbeing.


IT Professional

Very punctual and regular, will understand your problems and then work on appropriate yoga asana. Good orator as well and give information on lifestyle as well. All in all you should take his classes.


IT Professional

I am happy with his professional way of teaching yoga asana's along with pranayamas. He understood my health issues and accordingly he has customized yoga sessions for me, which is quite appreciable. Apart from yoga sessions, he advised me on adopting a good and healthy diet pattern which i never heard or followed before, i sincerely thank him for being so helpful and kind. I would definitely recommend Sir for those who are willing to learn Yoga.



It has been few months since we started yoga with Mr Rakesh. He has very good knowledge of yoga and works with us based on our individual capacity. Beyond making you do yoga, he also makes you understand the importance of each asana. He also keeps giving good and easy to follow health tips along the way thereby contributing to our overall health


IT Manger

I have very good experience with Rakesh sir, he is coming to our apartment for yoga classes. He is very good with yoga postures along with that will tell you specific exercises according to your health needs.


IT Professional

Very nice and useful for our health, very good and experience Yoga Teacher, I am attending classes from last eight months, feel very healthy and useful.


Retd. Bank Manager

Rakesh jee is a great yoga enthusiast with a deep interest in Ayurvedic ways of leading life and maintaining good health. I, myself, is a Yoga practitioner but his style is unique and it is a great mix of modern and ancient yoga. I have been to several yoga studios but one thing which separates him from others is the flow of yogic postures which makes the session not only interesting but it quickly brings in flexibility. That helps one perform even complex yoga postures with ease. And on top, his yogic health tips is a bonus.


IT Professional
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