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Corporate Yoga

Doing yoga in your office can be fun, innovative and relaxing with many long term benefits. Prolonged work on the computer strains the neck, shoulder & back muscles, which lead to tension and stiffness. If this remains unattended, it could impact your ability to function effectively at the workplace, affecting your overall quality of life.

Corporate Yoga comprises of sequence of simple Asanas that can perform a comfortable environment at your workplace sparing you from unnecessary discomfort in the long run.

Benefits of Yoga at Work Place

Helps employees manage stress levels

Helps employees be more mindful at work & towards your clients

Increases health and reduces absenteeism

Addresses the long-term health of your staff

Addresses the long-term health of your staff

Staff feel valued and morale increases

Improves vitality and energy

Helps to alleviate workplace related ills e.g. back pain, stress etc.

Better inter-staff relations

Increases performance and productivity of staff

A powerful way to invest in your employee’s health

Better awareness of one’s health, diet and lifestyle management

Benefits of Yoga to the Individual

Addresses psychosomatic disorders

Improves flexibility

Builds muscle strength

Improves posture

Improves focus, concentration & memory

Boosts immunity

Reduces stress

Alleviates depression

Assists with better sleep

Helps with focus & clarity of thought

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