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Rakesh has more than 15 years of experience in yoga, meditation and yoga therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, cervical, life style diseases, muscular dystrophy, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, stress related disorder. Rakesh did a master's degree in yoga from India and 200 hrs YTT from Singapore, accredited with the yoga alliance US. He also has specialization in pregnancy yoga. He began yoga teaching in New Delhi and taught at Yoga Mala in Singapore.


Personal Yoga Class

In the guiding hands of an experienced teacher, you can work towards overcoming any fears or mental blocks...

Group Yoga Class

Group classes are a great way to share and explore technique and movement while building upon the collective energy in the room.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga comprises of sequence of simple Asanas that can perform a comfortable environment at your workplace.

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga is an opportunity for you to take time out of your busy schedule to bond with your bump.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga, is the best when it comes to curing diseases such as Asthma, Back problems, Diabetes, Depression , BP etc.

Yoga for Kids

Kids yoga helps arrest a child’s wandering mind, builds attention span and concentration power.

Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga for senior citizens encompasses conscious breathing, asanas & meditation providing practice options suitable for those have limited mobility.

Panchgavya Therapy

Panchagavya is a classic collective name of the five products obtained from cow viz milk, curd, ghee, gaumutra(cow urine) and gomay.


We are taking yoga training under the supervision of Mr. Rakesh from past one year. His experience in the field is commendable. He takes personal attention towards his trainees and also works towards their holistic well being.


IT Professional

Very punctual and regular, will understand your problems and then work on appropriate yoga sanana. Good orator as well and give information on lifestyle as well. All in all you should take his classes.


IT Professional

I am happy with his professional way of teaching yoga asana's along with pranayamas. Rakesh Sir understood my health issues and accordingly he has customized yoga sessions for me, which is quite appreciable. Apart from yoga sessions, he advised me...



He has very good knowledge of yoga and works with us based on our individual capacity. Beyond making you do yoga, he also makes you understand the importance of each asana. He also keeps giving good and easy to follow health tips along...


IT Manger

Why Perform Yoga?

Yoga is 80% life style and 20% asana. That’s what we give in our classes.

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